My Bio


In Gary’s words, “All my artwork represents elements of God’s presence.  I try to communicate through my art a message of God’s grace and love.  Many of my ideas come from sermons, scripture, or the emotional tribulations which are all a part of my personal life and a part of my artistic and spiritual journey.  For me these creations are personal therapy and yet public story telling in a medium that is comfortable for me.  I try to invite the viewer into the stories of the Bible and raise a new awareness of these stories by attempting to relate them to today’s world and its unique set of challenges.  Hopefully in viewing and meditating on their message individuals will question, search and then find relevance and excitement as God comes alive in my painting and their message.”

About Me

Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas
                                      Bachelor of Fine Arts
                                      Graduated May 1994
                                GROUP SHOWS

Work: Curse or Calling - Juried Traveling Show

C.I.V.A . - 3 Year Exhibition


 September  Xnihilo’s Showcase        Houston, Texas

March       Concordia University           Austin, Texas
November     Paint the Town Red                   Beaumont, Texas

1997 Group Show                                   Austin, Texas
The Museum of Fine Arts
October         Ko-op Harvest Moon       Austin, Texas

First Unitarian Church
1997 Fall Show                                         Austin, Texas
The Museum of Fine Arts
August          Sultry Post                          Austin, Texas
ACA Gallery at ArtPlex
June            AVAA                                      Austin, Texas
ArtPlex Gallery